About Steelers Fever
Steelers Fever was founded on August 11, 2002 by Michael Shaffer, a proud native of New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Originally, Steelers Fever was located on a free host (Tripod) until 2004. The web site averaged roughly 50 unique visitors daily through that span of time (laugh all you want). Then it started to get ugly. Tripod began cluttering the web site with a barrage of pesky ads which discouraged just about everyone from visiting. That's when I decided to upgrade to a paid host.

Since then, Steelers Fever has become recognized as one of the top Steelers fan web sites online and is continuously growing at a rapid pace. Today we average 82,000 unique visitors monthly during the regular season and 43,000 unique visitors monthly during the offseason.

At Steelers Fever, we strive to create the best, most informative Pittsburgh Steelers news and information while also offering a unique fan perspective. Steelers Fever was made to be a fun, exciting and friendly environment for all Pittsburgh Steelers fans from across the globe!

The future of Steelers Fever is bright and we hope to be delivering you Pittsburgh Steelers news daily for a long time to come.

If you have any ideas, concerns or any other issue that you feel may improve this web site, needs changed or would like to inquire about an issue that you feel needs to be brought to our attention, please don't hesitate to contact us.