I See A New Pittsburgh Steelers Team In 2003 - By Glenn T. Altergott

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

As we move forward in to the 2003 campaign will the black and gold find a new identity? I think so, it looks and it appears as we have involved into a pass happy offense, which is fine. Maybe the ground and pound of the Steelers has moved on. Maybe having a big huge over weight lard ass in the back field is moving on, maybe having to rely on one guy to carry the team is moving on! Yes, I think so "Slash" Kordell Stewart, whatever we call him, is moving on. The bus seems to be over-weight, broken down, tired, out of shape, and conducting too many gosh darn TV commercials.

Just maybe, I mean... ...just maybe we will have a high flying deep throwing defense stretching fast, throwing all around, mean and deadly 6 dimensional offense is were we're going. Yes, I say... yes, that is where we're heading. The 6 weapons, which I mention, are the following: Tommy "The Gun" Maddox, Burress "The Big Beast". Hines "The Bad Ass", Randle "The Water Bug", Fu "The Muscle Head", and Amos "The Fast And The Furious". That seems to be the answer we have missed in a long time. Remember when we used Eric green, the "Drug head" Bam Morris. Eric Pegram, Hastings, Mills, Thigpen, etc. Need I say more?

You need more than one weapon to win and I believe that's why we have wasted year after year after year. Because we needed one guy to carry us. My point being is that we now have the option to use each offensive player in a different way, we have gone away from the one-dimensional system. It's the truth, face it, that's where we're going. I also think we might be changing the way we play defense too. I mean, I think we should look at this past year. It seemed we were trying to be an aggressive pass coverage team. Well, that did not work. Did it?

We need to go back to beating the jock straps right off the QB's. I mean Gregg Lloyd football, Kevin Greene football, Chad Brown football. My point, blitz blitz tackle hit crush smash ball kicking ass beating teeth rattling bones braking helmet cracking for the love of god stop me! I mean scare the living crap out of the rest of the NFL.

I remember when they did this interview with some of the other QB's in the NFL and the asked them what team scares you. 8 out of the 10 said... yeah, you guessed it. The Steelers!

But that was 5 years ago, now they have no fear, we have the guys on this team to put fear back into opposing teams but we choose not to do the right thing. We would rather play not to lose than play to win. Oh chill out, you know what I mean, you do don't you? What I mean is that Cowher plays way too conservative. We had how many leads last year and almost lost or did lose.

Well, my point being is that our defense doesn't need to play a new way, just play the old way.