Protection - By Glenn T. Altergott

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

Where is the offensive line? Were is the run blocking? Hell, where is the 2003 Pittsburgh Steelers front line? The Detroit game was as ugly as my mother in-law! The Eagle's game was not much better. No wait, it was as ugly as my mother in-laws pimply hairy a** back. Wow, we won the Dallas game! Ya and we cut the players who played for us and scored the touchdowns in that game. The starters don't seem to be in sink with one another. I might have to admit the passing game looked real good though; Ward, Burress, Randle El, Jay, they all seemed to be ready to go. So I renege my statement. The first unit looked like they couldn't block 2 year olds. Tommy might want to take speed training. If we don't get that fixed by the season opener he may need to consider increasing his life insurance. Because he will get sacked like white on rice.

Now the running game has issues. I know Simmons has diabetes and I am sorry for that and not having Jeff at 100% hurts. But for the love of god the running backs need to hit the holes faster, quit dancing around and just run. If there are no holes make one or run your ass off. Don't dance around waiting for a hole to appear when there won't be one. I'm really lost on why cowher named Amos the starter? Not that he is not good. Bettis is for sure old but he knows the game a lot better and knows the players on the front line. You know what I mean right? Like the way they move, the way they block. Etc. Those little things make a big difference. He also hits the holes faster and with a lot more power. I like Haynes, hell in the Dallas game the kid did everything they asked him to do. And gee Fu is hurt again, wow that's a surprise!!! What's sad is when Fu is not hurt he is as good as they get. But for Christ sake the guy is always hurt. We can't just cut his ass. Then all we will have is Amos, Bettis and Haynes. And I would rather have an injured fu than a rookie in there.

The tight ends are going to be awesome with the addition of Jay, we will have real weapons at our tight ends. Can't wait. Our defense looks good so far. I really believe we will be able to sack the QB more this year. Lets face it. Cowher will not allow the team to fall apart in the secondary again, no way, cowher is way too smart for that. Logan and Troy are great, from what I've seen of them so far. Except when Troy got beat for that touchdown when the tight end scored on him. But still this guy can hit and run with anyone.

So who ever thinks our secondary will suck. You can kiss my ass. We will be going after the QB like my mother in-law goes after cheeseburgers. And I hope we can fix the issues with our o-line. I'm really wondering how much Hartings can stand with the pain in his knee? I mean if he is not playing at the highest possible level we need him to. Well, maybe we should consider some other option. Now lets go to the Panthers home and kick their ass! So we know what I already know. This team needs to step up and play a complete game before we open against the Ravens. If we don't, I am going to start crying and throwing a temper tantrum.