See Tommy Throw - By Glenn T. Altergott

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

It's an all new Steeler's team. It's like watching an Arial show, wow! No, it's like watching my mother in law inhale 75 cheeseburgers. Wait, that's gross. Watching Maddox this past Sunday was so wonderful I cried. No, I cried because when he threw that touchdown pass to Ward I jumped so high my head hit the ceiling and got stuck in the dry wall. And to be honest, I'm still stuck up here. So if my typing is bad, excuse me because I am typing with my toes. My wife thinks I got a little out of control.

Maddox was awesome! Crisp, accurate, great down field vision, patience, etc. Hey, anyone see Ray Lewis? Yeah, that's what I thought. I haven't seen a team of morons like the Raven's talk so much and just completely take themselves out of their own game. And when they did we struck, and struck hard! That team will not go anywhere if they keep worrying about the jaw and stop worrying about the paw!!! You get that right? Jaw paw? Never mind.

Hey, is this a Chief's fan reading this? Ah... that's what I thought. Listen knuckle head, get off of this page and go back to your own site! Got it? Go! Go on! Shoe!!!

Ok back to the game from Sunday. Our defense looked good but what worries me is our secondary, wasn't really tested but this coming Sunday it will. I love the play of Haggans and Farrior. It was just awesome, they stepped in nice for Porter. They made him proud. My big worry is Washington and Scott! They still look lost and still cannot cover. But time will tell, it was the first game so I guess that's ok right? I hope. Not seeing bettis run like a beast was very odd. Odd indeed. But this is not your mother and fathers Steeler's.

How in the hell can anyone cover all of our guys? Riemersma, Ward, Burress, Randle El, it's scary. Amos looked good enough to win and keep the running game honest. I said Burress would have a big game in my last story and I was right. For everyone that picked the Raven's Sunday against us. You can kiss my a**. I would like to see more tightened packages. I think this Sunday with the Chief's will be a lot harder for us. We better strap on our jock straps and get ready to chase Holmes all over the place. My game ball from the Raven's game goes to James Farrior. And once again Maddox will be something special, just wait and see.