Running Game - By Glenn T. Altergott

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

Were is the running game? Hello, run the damn ball. My god it was like having Bettis, Zereoue, and Haynes, which I was wrong about, I do not like them sitting on their as*es on the bench and Cowher aspects Maddox to win the game. It's not going to happen. Try 3 INT's!!! That's what happens when you make a QB win the game. Do you understand Cowher? Its kind of like our CB's suck! I mean suck!!! I mean they stink!!! Like my mother in-laws feet. Her feet are so bad her shoes do not stay in one place they walk around trying to shake off the mold and crust from her feet.

# 30 and # 20 need to step up and play. If they cannot do it, try someone else! Please not blow this season. Those guys could not cover a pile of sh*t. I'm sick and tired of giving a ten-yard cushions on the receivers that Scott covers. It's 3rd and 3 they don't run, but Scott leaves such a gap that my mother in-laws big a*s could make the first down. And Washington can't CATCH ANYONE. Straight up, he is too old, too slow and is just no good. If we do not fix them it'll be the end of the 2003-2004 season, I guarantee it!!!

As far as the running game goes. It's this simple, pay attention Cowher. If Amos cannot do it, try Bettis. If Bettis cannot do it, try Haynes. If Haynes cannot do it, try yo ma ma. Maddox will be able to keep us in the game after he throws 100,000 passes! But we cannot win it if we have no running game. I see we promoted Dante Brown from the practice squad. Good move, because the running backs we have now are not able! Who could tell that we have no holes for them, no blockers for them. Lets see...who could do that? Oh yeah, hey cowher! BRUENER!!! KREIDER!!! Get it knucklehead? Yes, I'm mad because some of the ideas we make, make no sense. KC is not that good, sure Holmes is a stud. Did you notice in the first half we shut is a*s down? And then, even though he did not produce in the first half they still went back to the running game and stuck with it and it payed off. 120 yards rushing for the guy. And we had Zereoue with 11 carries for 48 yards, Bettis had 4 carries for 7. What the hell is that crap? There is no way to keep the defense on there heals if we can't shove the ball right down their throats! Since we got slapped around by the Chiefs we need to go to the Bengal's home and kick there a*s. We should be angry and really pissed off.

We're getting Porter back and that to me is huge! One game does not make a season! But do you know what does? When you can't play Steelers' football and try to be something you're not. I know we're a passing team now, but I still think we need to run the ball to show other teams we will not get pushed around. By the way, I told my mother in-law if the Steelers' win this weekend she has to shower. And get a weed whacker to cut her back hairs. My game ball from the KC game is Ward. We'll win Sunday. You know why? Because I said so. And remember if you're not a Steelers' lover. You're a jack a*s!

Here is a stat for Cowher. If you have 10 QB's who throw for 300 yards or more, 2/10 teams win. If you have 10 QB's who throw for 200 or less, 8/10 teams win!!!'s called balance!