Tommy The What? - By Glenn T. Altergott

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

Tommy the what? Everyone on the offensive coaching staff told him do not force the ball in their and what does he do? I'm completely beside myself for seeing what I was watching. I'm also very confused on why in the hell we just stopped running the ball. Does anyone know what the hell went wrong? Because I have nothing good to type in my column. Yeah, I can think of something! Chad Scott and Dewayne Washington suck! I'm sick of saying it, they suck they suck! They could not cover a stationary pile of rocks! These guys no matter what plays they make the negative ones completely out weigh the good ones. We need to change this and I mean A.S.A.P. or we will not see another win!

This win hurts because it was a good team and we needed to see how we would fair against a good team and well... it's very evident we cannot beat quality opponents. Sure we can beat everyone in our division for the most part and it's important to do that, but still I would like to see us just kick the shit out of a good team. Lets face it, KC is 4-0. Colts, 4-0. Vikings, etc.. get my point?

We should be one of those teams with an undefeated record. I think we should look at this loss as a wake up call. Because I cannot believe that Cowher would allow this team to fall apart.

Meanwhile we have the clowns coming in and if we don't beat these losers with an iron stick. I don't think I can turn on the TV again.

A couple of things I did see that we need to change is:
 My mother-in-law is just the ugliest beast I've ever seen and every clock in my house stopped when she was here. My cats died and all of my birds died from her breath. It's like dragon breath.

 Why did we stop running the ball yesterday? I know why because we do not know how to finish a game off the right way. We tried running the ball then it was like well... two tries then screw it, throw the ball until Tommy's arm comes out his socket.

 When you completely just dominate a team up and down the field and still lose. Well, whom do you blame? Yeah, that's right Cowher. Think about it.

My next story will be about Chad Scott and Dewayne Washington. Sorry I'm so crabby but excuses are like a*s wholes. We all have them. I still think we are the best team in the NFL and I know we can win it all this year. Just wait.