30 + 20 = ? - By Glenn T. Altergott

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

Here is what I think we should do with Chad and Dwayne. Sit there a*s on the bench until they can play the position right! Play Ike Taylor and D. Townsend. Why the hell not? They can only play better. I'm not saying Chad and Dwayne are playing that bad, but at that position you need to play with a shit load more of consistence. And those two have been giving up some very big plays, which just killed us. Kind of like my mother in-laws feet. Her shoes walk around her house in pain crying from the smell.

In any case I cannot wait until we start to groove on offense, which I feel is just around the corner. It's simple why we're ranked 23rd in the NFL in the running game. Last year we were 9th. See the problem? We need to get those running backs the ball. They say Amos is fast, but it sure hasn't made a big difference to me. But when Bettis comes in off of the bench he runs like a bus full of racing gas. He hits the hole much better, runs people over, etc.

Don't get me wrong, Amos is a great complement to Bettis, but not full-time. Run Amos in the first half then bring in the bus in the second half. Oh wait, we did that In the Bengal's game. So why did we not do the same in the Titans game? Wait, that makes to much freaking sense. Man... Cowher really pisses my off. Does the guy think that we need to run the ball? Yes, he does, he has said it himself. So why the reservations on doing it? I tell ya, he thinks we can PASS every single down.

Hey, I'm not saying I can lead this team any better, but at least I would use a soon to be a Hall of Famer!!!. Dumb a*s! Sorry, I'm really mad today! You think we can win any games without running the ball? Sure we will, but not the big game!!! I have high hopes that's what we're going for...

We all know Maddox is still a great QB from what we've had in the past. He is a skip and a hop better.

We're having a lot of problems inside the Red zone and there is a remedy for that. Shove the ball down the opposing team defenses throat. Lets face it, an effect running attack remains an essential part of a winning team. So kiss my tan hairy a*s Cowher. I love ya but please hear me out and run the damn ball please!

My tough guy of the week award goes to Kendrell Bell. He was a monster in the Titans game which was the only bright spot. He had 8 tackles and was just tearing down the Titans o-line like my mother-in-law into a snickers bar. He also smacked Eddie in the open field like my mother in-law into an open fridge.

Friends, our Steelers may have lost last Sunday but we'll be back and better than ever this week and every week after that and so on. This team is too good to fold and quit and I'm sure Porter will have no part of a team quitting on itself. Steelers win big this week. Good guys 42, Brown spots 17.