Remember When? - By Glenn T. Altergott

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

Remember when the Steelers were the best running team in the NFL? Remember when Mark Bruener would knock the crap out of anyone in his way? Remember when our linebackers would just pound the stuffing out of every QB we would face? Where are those days? Well my fellow Steelers fans, we could still be applying those same things. We're just choosing not to use those formats, which I believe is the backbone of this team. Right now we have no backbone. No team leader. No one willing to get in anyone's face! Sure, Hines made a speech, but it was weak.

Remember when Greg Lloyd would lose his mind at anyone who made dumb a*s mistakes? That's what we need, a guy who's not afraid to show his emotion. A mean SOB, an angry pissed off guy. Yeah, that's it!!! How about Faneca or Bell? Man, if Greg was still here Dewayne would be mud and Tommy would need more medical insurance. All of those false starts, all of those offside penalties. Get my point? I sure hope so, so you can see where I'm going with this.

All this team needs is a good a*s kicking. In my mind there are only a few players playing with heart and not just collecting paychecks. I'd have to say at this point every game is a must win. The Raven's are playing very well and so are the Brown's. But I still think "if" and I mean "if" this team can turn this around and make the right changes, this team can win the division. But to go all the way they will really need to play every down with urgency.

Speaking of downs, we absolutely positively need to improve our 3rd down conversions. Come to think about it, we're having the same problems in the red zone. We've been in the red zone 22 times this year and have only scored 7 TDs and it really showed in that Bronco's game when we only scored FGs until Bettis finally put us on the board. But at that point it was too late. Just think if we would've scored 14 points instead of 6? Well, that speaks for itself!!! But I will not dwell on it.

I believe now I know if we can improve on that I bet you that we'll win a lot more games because our defense will do the rest. Well, expect for Washington!!! I also think we need to incorporate Randle El in our plays a lot more than what he's been doing. I'll say he played a lot more in the Bronco's game, which anytime that guy touches the ball 9 out of 10 times something big will happen. It was very cool to see Randle El at the QB position in that Bronco's game. Yeah, I know we did this once before with "Slash" but who cares, that was awesome. I loved it and it confused the opposing teams defense. But I doubt cowher would do that again or would he? Hmm makes you wonder, don't it?

I hope we use this bye week to retool and regroup. Whatever it takes, just get the Steelers back that we all love and enjoy watching. I cannot take another game where I take more Rolaids than my stomach can handle. Remember when? I do!!!