How Many Randall Gay Jokes Can I Make? - By Neal Coolong

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

Pats fans everywhere will call it THE Drive of 2004.

Pretty Boy Tom Brady showed his salt. He proved precisely why he is a two-time Super Bowl MVP. Back against the wall, he rallied his team with 6:30 left on the clock. Pass to Donald Givens (his eighth catch of the game). Pass to David Patten. A nice flare-out to Kevin Faulk. Things were clicking for the undefeated and defending Super Bowl champs.

Brady's head was calm. Ignoring the ferocious pass rush led by Joey Porter and Aaron Smith, Brady drove on the Steelers like his life depended on it. He was owning the sidelines, putting Pittsburgh's defensive backs on their heels.

THE Drive of 2004 epitomized how the Patriots have been unbeaten in nearly 400 days. The offensive line was holding up, giving Brady time to select his weapons and fire a perfect strike. The receivers' routes were crisp and clean, putting a large cushion between themselves and would-be interceptors.

"Hey, that Gay guy likes getting burned deep!"

Finally, New England erupted with cheers louder than that of the Red Sox just four days' prior to the trip to Pittsburgh. Brady accomplished his mission. There, virtually alone in the corner of the seam, was Givens. Touchdown Patriots! And the extra point makes it: Pittsburgh 34, New England 20.

It's clearly the only highlight for the Patriots in arguably the most savage beating the Steelers have handed out in the last five years. Just look at some of the numbers: First downs; Pittsburgh 25, New England 19. Total yards: Pittsburgh 417, New England 248. Rushing yards: Pittsburgh 248, New England 5.

"The man covering Burress is Gay."

Most notably: Time of possession: Pittsburgh 42:58, New England 17:02. I spent more time going to and from the bathroom than the amount of time Brady had the ball. And even when he did, not even his teammates seemed to know where it was going.

One thing that is definitively true about the game is Rotty's emergence as not only a hot rookie quarterback, but truly one of the best quarterbacks in the game. Ironically, Brady is probably the best comparison to Rotty; both very poised, deadly accurate and they throw their best when pressured.

"If he's on his back, he's Gay."

Thoughts to ponder going into next week's inter-state showdown with the undefeated Eagles:

Can we win it all? Is this team eerily similar to the 2001 Patriots, who came from nowhere to win the title? If a team can beat the holy hell out of the best team in football without their best defensive player and a starting cornerback, who can they lose to?

It's a scary thought for post-Halloween football fans, but when the critics said Pittsburgh hasn't played anyone, they prison-raped the Patriots. When people said Rotty can't stand up to a veteran coach's defensive schemes, he lambasted Bill Parcells AND Bill Belechick. That's four rings between them, all four teams being defensively dominant.

Put simply, this team is a lot better than people want to believe.