Good Bye Myron Cope - By Nick Signorelli

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

When I got home from work today, my routine was normal. Check the mail, use the rest room, grab a pop (down here we call it soda) and log on to the Internet. When I got to, I read a story that brought tears to my eyes. Myron Cope has decided to retire.

I'm not the kind of guy that cant accept change. However, Mr. Cope has been the voice of the Steelers since 1970, 2 years before I was born. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Cope about 25 years ago, at a Steelers game, that is my fondest Steelers memory.

My Dad was a Pittsburgh police officer, and he was on patrol in Shenley Park. He ran into a man that was smoking a cigar, talking to a man and his son. When the gentleman and his son left, my dad went up to the man, Art Rooney Sr., and told him how much our family loved the Steelers and how every Sunday he and I would sit down and watch the Steelers. We never missed a game, he told Mr. Rooney. Mr. Rooney asked my dad how often we got to actually go to games, and my dad said not too often. My mom also is a huge fan, but didn't like to go to the games, so we watched them at home with her. Mr. Rooney asked my dad if he would like to bring me to a game, that Sunday. My dad, obviously, said that we would LOVE to, and Mr. Rooney told my dad that he would leave 2 tickets for us at the will call booth.

My dad told me about it and I was in 7th Heaven. All week long, that is all that I could think about. When we got to the stadium, we arrived at the will call booth, my dad gave our name, and they said that it would be just a moment. About 5 minutes later, (it felt more like a week to me, I was 8), a security guard came up to us and asked us to follow him.

We went down a long hall, at least it seemed long to me, and I got the honor of actually meeting Mr. Rooney. He asked me who my favorite player was, and I told him Terry Bradshaw and Jack Lambert. Mr. Rooney asked me if I wanted to meet them and my jaw got bruised when it hit the floor. Mr. Rooney took me and my dad into the Steelers locker room. I got to meet the team. I was in awe, Franco Harris, Terry Bradshaw, Jack Lambert, Mean Joe Greene, all of them! I got a program and had all of their autographs. I couldn't believe it. As we were leaving the locker room, walking down the hall to our seats, we ran into Mr. Cope. He, seeing the amazing smile on my face, asked me if I had a fun time. I'm not even sure what my answer was, still being in shock, Mr. Cope messed up my hair, and said that someday that might be MY locker room.

Though, obviously, I never made it to that level, the thought of actually being in that locker room, with the Steelers, all of them, made me feel like I was actually part of the team.

To me, Mr. Cope was a VERY BIG part of that. Mr. Cope, always has, and always will be a part of the Steelers. Not only is he the creator of the Terrible Towel, (every Steelers fan worth his weight in salt has at least 1) he has been the voice of the Steelers for my lifetime. He is our Harry Carey. No matter who they get to fill his shoes, he will have as hard a job replacing Mr. Cope as Bill Cowher had replacing Chuck Noll. Mr. Cope, if by chance you get the opportunity to read this, know that you are as much a Steeler as every member of the Super Bowl teams. Good luck, and enjoy your retirement. My 15 year old son has already heard all about you, and I promise, my 4 year old daughter, Cydni, will hear about you too.

Thank you, for your voice, and encouragement of that 8 year old.