Thank you Steve Sabol.

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

Wednesday, September 20th, 2012
By Tony Hipchest
Steelers Fever Guest Columnist

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As a kid growing up in the 80's, every Superbowl Sunday was like waking up for Christmas. I never had cable TV, but every SB Sunday, the local airwaves (on one of the 6 chanels we got) would air the 30 minute highlight shows of every Superbowl up to that point. Now in the 80's that meant 16-18 episodes and about 8-9 hours of programming. I remember getting up at 6:00 in the morning as if it were Saturday morning cartoons several years earlier, to watch these recaps of the greatest games ever played. The best part was the 3 hour segment midway through the broadcast where I got to see the only highlight footage of the 4 Steeler Superbowls ever aired somewhat regularly.

didnt have a VCR, and as far as I knew, these couldnt be rented. This was long before the internet, and living in New Mexico, its not like I had newspapers to give me updates. Aside from the MNF appearances, or national games on Sunday, this was my total annual exposure, not only to the Steelers, but to all the other past champions as well. I watched every episode religiously every year, and took in every bit of history I could memorize.

When I finally did get cable in the 80's we were either stealing it via splitter or getting it for free due to the cable co. simply not shutting it off when the prior renter left. Some may remember the tan cable box that sat on top of the television, with the 36 chanels and the orange lit click slider "dial". We never received HBO on chanel 5, but you could listen to the audio if you didnt mind the scrambled picture. I remember staying up late on schoolnights just to listen to the highlights of that weeks games and the analysis of buonocatti et al. on INSIDE THE NFL. That voice of the highlights is still magical to this day.

Hundereds of thousands of football fans share the same memories and they have only deepened their love for the game.

Thank you Steve Sabol.

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