Famous Quotes
"Now that I'm here, I don't want to just be here, I want to be here for a long time." Hines Ward, 1998 4th round draft pick.

"If that boy billionaire thinks he can shut me up, he should stick his head in a can of paint." Steelers announcer Myron Cope, after Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder sent someone into the broadcast booth during a game to tell Cope to stop referring to his team as the "Wash Redfaces" (2000).

"It's like what they said about the raptor in Jurassic Park - one of us gets your attention, the other one gets you." Greg Lloyd.

"Chuck and I hit it off the first day we met. We had an argument." Art Rooney.

"Who is Joe Namath? This is a guy who, if he played in the league today, I'd probably just go hit him late and see what he did, just for the hell of it. Joe Namath can go to hell; he can kiss my ass." Greg Lloyd, after NBC commentator Joe Namath accused Lloyd of playing dirty (1991).

"I am very aggressive and very physical. On the field I guess I am just plain mean." Jack Lambert.

"I want to bring back the pride and tradition long associated with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and more importantly, with the people of Pittsburgh." Bill Cowher.

"We're coming from everywhere. We play with 15 guys in the huddle. We have guys parachuting from airplanes, fans coming from out of the stands to help us go after people." Kevin Greene.

"I hated putting on that purple uniform, and I hated that raven bird. What really ticked me off is when we played Pittsburgh our whole stadium seemed to be filled with Pittsburgh fans." Tackle Orlando Brown, on playing in Baltimore for Art Modell's Ravens (1999).

"If I could start my life all over again, I would be a professional football player, and you damn well better believe I would be a Pittsburgh Steeler." Jack Lambert, 1990 HoF Introduction.

"Going after the QB is like playing king of the mountain. When you get the QB, you're on top of the mountain." Joe Greene.

"To be honest, the fans pay our bills. They pay my bills. They pay for my house and everything else. That's the best feeling in the world to come out and see 60,000 people at a football game." Lee Flowers, on what motivates him (1998).

"I believe the game is designed to reward the ones who hit the hardest. If you can't take it, you shouldn't play." Jack Lambert.

"He had no teeth, and he was slobbering all over himself. I'm thinking, 'You can have your money back, just get me out of here. Let me go be an accountant." I can't tell you how badly I wanted out of there." Denver rookie QB John Elway, on Jack Lambert, after Lambert and the Steelers knocked Elway out of his first game as a pro (1983).

"I'm not out there to pussyfoot or be your friend. I have a lot of friends around the league. But I don't know you when you're on the field. I play the game." Greg Lloyd

"They say that when you're the champs, everybody will try to beat you. Well, I'm glad we're champs, so bring 'em on, bring 'em all on. If we die, we ain't gonna die running. It's gonna be a fight." Joe Greene

"It's time to plant some seeds. What that means is, hit them in the mouth. Ya know, plant some seeds. Show 'em what time it is." Levon Kirkland

"The Steelers drafted guys who were bigger, stronger and faster than I, but they never found one who could take my job away from me." Jack Lambert

"The only thing I want to see different is that there were a lot of Steelers fans there, which is great for the Steelers, but this is our home." Mike Holmgren, Seahawks/Steelers Game (2003)