Steelers Fever RSS Content
Q: What is RSS?

RSSA: RSS is a super-convenient way for you to be alerted to the latest news from Steelers Fever. You can go to a single website or screen on your desktop -- called a feedreader -- and read the feeds from multiple web sites, all in one place.

You simply copy the feed URL for the content you are interested in, and paste it into the appropriate place in your favorite feedreader.

After you have subscribed to our content, all the updated news will appear in your feedreader screen. You can quickly scan the feed for new headlines and decide which ones to click on and read.

Q: What are some feedreader programs?

A: Dozens of feedreader programs exist. They come in the form of software programs that you download to your desktop, or online services. Some of the more popular options include Google Reader, My MSN, My Yahoo, Feedgator and FeedDemon.

Q: I tried copying and pasting the RSS feed's URL into a Web browser address bar, but it will not let me open that URL. Why not?

A: RSS feeds are meant to be read by RSS-aware software, and are not formatted for the human eye. If the URL is placed into an RSS-aware program, i.e., a feedreader, then it will become easily readable.

Q: What do the letters 'RSS' stand for?

A: RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. That phrase simply refers to a technical standard for distributing information.