Writers Wanted
NOTICE: We are no longer paying for editorials, but you WILL receive a "Contributor" badge on Steelers Fever Forums and your writing contribution will be considered a donation.

Thank you for your interest in wanting to write for Steelers Fever. Earn between $5.00-$15.00 per editorial!

You have free reign to choose topics which you want to work on. However from time to time we may require you to focus on a specific topic of interest.

Writing credentials are necessary. Please send a sample of your work to webmaster@steelersfever.com.

In order to stay active, we have created the following requirements for our writers:

1. You must be able to contribute consistently. At least 1 original editorial every 10 days during the regular season. During the off season you are expected to submit 1 editorial every 20 days. This is the minimum expected.

2. You must have good English and grammar skills. Be sure to double check your work for spelling and grammatical errors before submission.

3. Your editorials must have a title associated with them. Make them brief and unique.

4. Your editorials must be related to the required topic (Pittsburgh Steelers). In the future, this may expand to a more broader spectrum.

5. There must be a minimum word count of 500 words (more is preferred). Use the word counter if you're unsure of your word count.

6. It is expected that you will have substantial knowledge of the subject you're writing about.

7. You must send your editorials to webmaster@steelersfever.com using word processing software, notepad, or in the e-mail itself. Be sure to save as "rich text format" if using word processing software. Also, include your name for verification. In the near future all writers will be able to publish and manage their own editorials.

8. Create a profile biography introducing yourself to the vistors of Steelers Fever. If you want to submit a photo of yourself, you may do so. Please send this content along with your first editorial and also an e-mail address that you don't mind having published.

In addition to these requirements please consider the following:

Although you will still own all of the work that we publish, we may edit it and use it as we see fit.

We will send payment for the amount you've earned at the end of each calendar month using PayPal. We suggest you open an account. It's free and easy! This is an efficient and time-saving method of payment for both parties.

The pay for each editorial will be based on numerous factors which include but are not limited to length, quality, research and errors. You only get paid if your editorial is published.

You must be on time for the editorial submission deadline which consists of every 10 days during the regular season and every 20 days during the off season or forfeit all earnings earned for that month or next. There are no exceptions!

If you feel you can meet the above requirements and have what it takes to be a serious sports writer for a serious web site, you can begin by sending your first editorial.

You will not be added to the Steelers Fever staff of writers until you send in your first editorial along with your profile and we publish your second editorial to verify your commitment to the above requirements.

If you have any questions about the position or the requirements listed above please feel free to contact us.