Steelers Fever – Intense Rage

Intense Rage – By Glenn T. Altergott

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

What happened to the days when the Steelers defense could make any running back and any QB crap in their pants? That needs to change this year. Let the hounds loose, no more linebackers in coverage. How sissy a** is that? Real bad! For the love of god, the secondary needs to play and play smart. I don’t care if cowher needs to play in the secondary himself, let the linebackers and the defensive ends; kill, hurt, cause so much mayhem and fear into every team. If I were cowher I would say this simple thing. The guy who has the ball, “kill kill kill”. And do you know what he said about your mother? Oooooooooooooo, I can’t tell ya, but it was bad. Maybe that would bring the mean streak out of all of our guys on the defense.

And you have to let Bell do his thing, that’s making sure no one walks off the field, no rains on that guy, let him loose, he is just way to good. The way we play defense, we should have teams scared. But instead they look at our secondary and droll. Hopefully they have the defense tackling cars and hitting brick buildings head on. In order to toughing them up. No water, no breaks, no sleep, no food, nothing unless they get each play, each rep and each person does there job to the tea. And if they think it’s too much! Get your sissy fruitcake candy ass off the field. That is what we don’t need, we need “players” not fruitcakes.

And from what I have seen of our first round pick Troy Polamalu, he looks like a killer. Hits with no regard for his body, I like that! Hit people and make sure they spit up a lung. Ya baby, now that’s football! Let gildon sack the QB, because to be honest there is not much more he can do. He can’t tackle very well. But he can get to the QB very nicely. Sorry people, gildon is somewhat overrated.

There is no doubt we have the best nose tackle in football, Casey Hampton is like a building with legs and arms. He is so wonderful when he moves, people scream like a little girl. I plan on making the Steelers play intense defense if I have to go down there and kick everyone’s a**. Well maybe not, maybe just voice my opinion to myself.

Screw this 4-3 defense, stay with what got us to where we have been each year. It’s not the scheme, it’s the pu*sy a** players we have had in the past. Flowers was so bad. We should have cut his lazy a** last year. Man he sucked, he could not tackle or cover a 450 pound women. Like my mother in-law.

So the way I look at it, we have the tools, we have the great players, so it must work and it will or it’s time to let cowher take his chin and bull sh*t and leave. I am losing my patience with this guy, but that’s just me, so don’t get all bent out of shape, I speak for myself and no one else. You crab a**. And if I told you once, I told you twice, my foot will fit up your a** if you keeping pissing my off.

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