Steelers Fever – Are You Ready?

Are You Ready? – By Glenn T. Altergott

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

Are you ready? I said, are you ready!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m ok now, I just had to let out my primal scream to let everyone know that I’m ready to make a run at the Super Bowl! Oh yeah, I said it, we’re going after it this year with a big chip on our shoulders! What do you mean we? Hey knuckle head, I consider myself a player on this team because of all the time and energy I put into this team. Besides I could play for the Steelers if I wanted to. But my mommy said no! Well, what a week, I’ll make this statement on Joey Porter quick and sweet. It happened, it’s over and I’m glad he is ok and now we can move on. It’s funny, it will take 2 players to replace Porter, wow, it tells me how important #55 is!!! If Clark and James do not step up and play I will drive down there and open up a can of whoop ass!!! That’s right, I said it. One player does not make a team. So what I’m saying is, they need to step up and play. No excuses, just play and play hard.

I see that Billick has started his mouth flapping, jaw spitting comments again. Hey Billick, when #97 comes over there and stuffs you in a Gatorade bottle, you will know then to keep your pie whole shut.

The Ravens do not scare me. Ohhhhhh…Ray Lewis is back, big deal. I can recall when Dan Krieder put Lewis on his a**. Besides, one player does not make a team. This game is so important because it will start us on the winning edge in our respective division. To be honest with all you Ravens fans, you have a little baby starting at QB. When he see’s our defense he will run to but lick. I mean Billick!!!

Now Jamal Lewis, he is a real stud at running back. But we still have the best run defense in the NFL so I guess he will be eating the grass at the mighty Heinz field. And what the hell is a Todd Heap? It sounds like a heap of sh*t. He he!!! All said and done, the 2003 Steelers are truly ready to go for it. No excuses, no bullsh*t. If Cowher cannot get it done this year. It could spell the end for him!!! Well, Steelers 24, Ravens 10. And I think bettis will have a good game. Here we go 2003-2004, lets make it count!

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