Steelers Fever – Revenge

Revenge – By Glenn T. Altergott

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

My a*s the Steelers don’t have a can of whoop a*s ready for the Tennessee Titans. I’ve been reading that Cowher says “revenge” is not the motivation for this game. Yeah, and I have pigs flying out my mother in-laws a*s. Well, back to the game from last Sunday. The Steelers looked like they were really flat in the first half. But in the second half they jelled like my mother in-laws mouth on a bag of White Castle burgers!!!

They seemed to have a nice option at running back. Use Zereoue in the first half. Then bring in the Bus in the second half. I swore in one of my early columns I said the Bus would have a big game. And didn’t Bell and the linebackers play like studs or what? I’m just drooling at the games now. I’m very impressed with the way they’re flying to the ball. I also saw a lot of hitting going on and a lot of team leadership by Porter and Farrior. Good to have Porter back, man I missed him.

This Sunday the Big bad Titans are coming into town to let us know they’re still a much better team than us. Well Steve McNair and company, I have a little surprise for you all. Get ready to get a big hole stomped in all of your as*ess. Got it? Yeah, I thought so. I do have to say no matter how much I dislike the Titans. Steve McNair is a class act. And he truly has the respect of our guys. And you can take that to the bank. He would play if his arm fell off, he is a bad a*s and as tough as nails. I never liked Eddie George. He seems to be really losing a step or 2 or 3 or 4.

When I was watching the game Sunday I noticed a couple of things that stood out to me and I would like to point them out to all of you.

 Alan faneca is one bad SOB. He blocked so hard on two plays, it blew my mind. Hell, he knocked off one of the poor linebackers helmets. I would type his name in but I feel for the guy!!! Yeah right, and I love my mother in-law. The poor bag of laundry that got the stuffing hit out of him was Adrian Ross.

 The pass to Hines Ward, he should have been down on the 7 yard line, not 1 player on the Bengal’s team could get him down. But what made the play is when Dan “the no neck” Kreider ran into the whole pile of guys and they all fell into the end zone. Just awesome, truly was.

But I think we need to play this Sunday with a lot more intensity. Kind of like my mother in-laws intensity when she is ready to attack her pimples on her back with a pair of pliers. Because these games with the Titans are really blood baths, but I know and I feel our boys are bringing the wood to this one. Stick a tape in the VCR, this will be a game for the ages.

Look for our tight ends to play a big role Sunday. Well, no matter what the coaches say. The players will have revenge on their minds after getting pounded twice last year by these punks. Trust me when I say this; our guys will and are going to bring a whole new look to this game. It’s called a can of whoop a*s. I hope they drink plenty of Hater Aid!!!

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