Steelers Fever – Help Wanted

Help Wanted – By Glenn T. Altergott

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

I will run an add in paper for the Steelers. You ask for what? A new secondary, a new coach and how about an identity? This is not a Steelers team ready to go after the Super Bowl. It’s a team ready to run and hide!!! Where is the fire? Where is the desire to win? My god, where is the will to overcome? Where is the Cowher we all know and love that would kick someone’s butt for making dumb mistakes? Is he gone? Does he care? Think about it my dear fans. And that’s why this whole freaking mess is not only the player’s fault, but his as well.

They have lost the desire to play for him and he has lost his desire to coach this team. You could see his face on the sidelines last night, no emotion what-so-ever. Not a thing, not a chin at all.

As far as Chad Scott and that other knucklehead, I am sorry, but the blame for this years fall apart so far mostly goes on those two guys. Look at the plays they have given up and it just keeps happening and happening, etc.. Blah blah blah! I’m really getting sick of this CRAP!!! When do we start Ike Taylor? When do we start anyone else but those two knuckleheads? I’m really pissed off over this secondary stuff. There is no need to keep the players on the field that do not play at 100%. Why bother playing guys that don’t play with their heart?

Should I call Cowher on the phone? Yes I will, hold on! Hmmmmmmmm… I’m on hold, hmmmmmmmm… ok here he is. Whoa! He told me to go @#$%^&*+*&^%$#@!@#$%%^^%^. Ok, maybe he’s not in the mood. Wow, what a crab-ass. I wonder why he is upset? I know! It’s because he got his head shoved up his a*s last night by the clowns. We need to change a lot of things, and for starters, I would sit Tommy. As much as I love him… he needs to rethink how he is playing and what he’s done to this team. We used to sit Stewart when he made mistakes, did we not? So why not give Tommy some time to rethink his mistakes, to take a deep breath to reflect a little and to really take a close look at the amount of leadership he has and turn things around and maybe give Batch a chance. I have always liked him. But that’s me.

If I was running this team, I would still like I said before, “run run run” the ball like the good old Steelers used to. I still think this team has the talent to go all the way, but not if we don’t change things. If we don’t, then kiss this season goodbye. Lets face it guys and gals, do you really think this team can go anywhere without any changes? Do you? No freaking way!

I think are guys are losing faith in Tommy. But you know they won’t say anything. Why not let Randle El do some more QB stuff? I think he has a lot more to offer than what we’re using him for right now. If we have all of this “so called” talent on offense then why can’t we deliver? I guess that is the billion-dollar question. We need to figure out a way to make use of all of these weapons.

I’ll be taking a real good look at the film from Sunday play by play and provide you with some up-close ideas on what is really going on. Please don’t give up on these guys, I won’t! But I’ll drive to Pittsburgh if Cowher does not make some changes.

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