Steelers Fever – Tag, Your It!

Tag, Your It! – By Glenn T. Altergott

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

That’s what was going on during the game Sunday against a team that is not that good. I mean, Cowher was replacing the offensive line like my sister in-law replaces men!!! And that’s a lot of changes in the o-line. That was horrible. Cowher was really making some bad decisions. It takes an o-line to gel for it to play well and it takes guys to play together for a long time to do that. So for a head coach to do that is truly a mind numbing experience. So we sit here at 2-4! Now, there are a lot of ways to look at this. And I choose the positive way. You’re probably wondering to yourself as I’m sure you do each time you read one of my columns, what the hell are you talking about knucklehead?

Well check this out my little bambino! We’re at the bye week and I think Cowher can make all of the right changes which will include sitting the overrated, none covering, can’t see the ball, no good cornerback, Dewayne “washed up” Washington. I’m sorry fans, this guy stinks so much my mother in-laws shorts have a better chance of covering things better than him. He gives too much of a cushion and cannot keep up with the better receivers in the league. Nah, he can’t cover anyone. Look what he did in the browns game. The KC game. Hell, all of the games. Yesterday was a prime example of how bad he is. That catch in the corner of the end zone by the Bronco’s WR Rod Smith was a one-handed catch and Dewayne was just like daaaaaah. What happened?

I wont go over all of the other screw-ups because I’ll get mad if I keep talking about this. The background on my computer is the Steelers playoff game from last year and there are pictures of #20 in there, so I will keep my comments about him brief and short. Bench his a*s or we’ll never win any games. I can only imagine that Cowher will have no choice after he looks at the game and comes to the conclusion that we played well but just gave up big plays like we do every week!!!

The time has come to make big changes. I’m sick and tired of the same thing every year. We win the division. Win one playoff game and then boommm. We’re done. It’s getting old. Cowher needs to understand that in order for this team to take this to another level we need to change the way we play some certain positions. We changed QB’s, we changed running backs and now we need to change the position of cornerback. I cannot sit here and say it is all of #20’s fault, but we’re 2-4 and out of those 6 games I truly believe the play of Dewayne Washington cost us 3 wins. Last year was worse.

I just wonder what the chin is looking at when he is checking out the game film? Maybe he is not looking at the same thing we fans see every game. The point being so I don’t beat a dead drum is that our secondary is playing just enough to help us win, but #20 is playing just enough to help us lose, and that my dear readers is not something we as fans and the front office are going to tolerate anymore. You can take that to the bank!

Times of needs must warrant times of change. For us to move forward besides the fixes on the frontline Cowher needs and must address the CB. Remember this town is most definitely getting sick of the same old crap. Cowher could be on the list of coaches that are on the hot seat. Hmm… makes you wonder.

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