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Hall Of Fame Fighting – By Nick Signorelli

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

I want to apologize for not writing for the last couple of weeks. I have been having some computer problems and I could not E-Mail out. I am not one that usually likes to promote others, but I need to give credit where credit is due. I read an article from Mr. Football writer himself, Peter King of CNNSI. In his Monday Morning QB Column that he does, he discusses franchises that are crying that they are not properly represented in the Hall. I, unlike Mr. King do not get a HOF Vote, so, my opinion really doesn’t matter much. BUT, that has never stopped me from giving it before.

Dallas Cowboys – I am not real sure how Cowgirls teams of the 70’s say that the Steelers have too many players from the 70’s in and they don’t. First off, we were 2-0 against you in the Super Bowls of the 70’s. We won 4 out of 4, a feat that has yet to be matched. AND by the time Aikman, Smith Irvin and Deion (if he goes in as a Cowboy) you will have as many in the Hall as us, so quit your crying.

San Francisco 49ers – OK, this is a team with a legit gripe. There are only 4 members from arguably the best team of there decade. Jerry Rice will make it, first ballot, no question. BUT, I believe that Roger Craig or SOMEONE else should have made it out of respect for the team.

New England Patriots – I can not argue that this team has to be considered a Dynasty. How many players from this team do you think will make it to the Hall? OK, Brady is going to be a given. Bruschi? Though some might not agree with me, I think he has proven over the last 4 years that he deserves it. But, I can’t honestly think of one player that has made such an impact that they can say they are one of the best teams ever. Rodney Harrison? Maybe, but most of his career he spent in San Diego. And though no fault of HIS, that team stunk most of the time, and he really wasn’t considered one of the best until he joined NE. I am very interested to see who from this group will make it to the Hall.

In closing, I think that it should not matter how many Super Bowl rings a player is wearing. When it comes to the Hall of Fame, Personal records and stats should count a lot more than at any other time of a players career. If a player could only be elected to the Hall based on TEAM ACCOMPLISHMENTS, then Dan Marino would never make it. If it is only on personal accomplishments, then there wouldn’t be a Hall due to the fact that no one can do it alone.

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