Steelers Fever – Stop The Madness

Stop The Madness – By Nick Signorelli

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

What is going on in the world of the NFL? I have been a youth football coach for 7 years. I have said to MANY parents that to play football you have to be somewhat crazy. I also understand that a lot of the young men that make it to the NFL are not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Many of them that make it come from less than average income families. Yes, in college they are treated like royalty in many cases, but not like Multi-Millionaires. I also understand that giving a truck load of money to someone that has spent his life poor, will make him go a little insane. I don’t even have a problem with it, as long as it is within the law.

That being said, there are a few people that have gone a little over the deep end. (Everything you are about to read is alleged. EVERYONE is innocent until proven guilty)

Sean Taylor – Aggravated assault with a fire arm and simple battery. Apparently, someone stole 2 ATV’s from Sean. Instead of calling the Police, like most sane people would do, Sean took matters into his own hands. Putting a gun in the face of the alleged thief. Then after Taylor left the scene, CAME BACK, and punched the unnamed man in the face.

Point #1 – Sean shouldn’t have even been in Florida at the time. He should have been practicing with his team.

Point #2 – AT THE MOST Sean could have paid for the 2 ATV’s is, what, 30 grand?

Point #3 – Being that I live in Florida, we have something called 10-20-Life law. If a gun is used in committing a crime, it is Mandatory 10 years in prison. 10 YEARS!

Point #4 – How much money would Sean make in those 10 years.

Nick Harper – Domestic Battery (misdemeanor). Mr. Harper spent the weekend behind bars due to the fact that he allegedly struck his wife in the eye. I have one thing to say concerning this. Unless a mans life is in danger, under NO circumstances should a man EVER strike a woman. To me, this is showing that he is nothing more than a coward. Money does not exclude people from being human beings. All I can hope for is that when the Steelers play the Colts this year, Jerome Bettis plows over this whimp and leaves cleat marks all over the yellow streak down his back!

Mike Doss – Felony Weapons Charge, 3 counts Misdemeanor weapons charges. Once again, Like Sean Taylor, should have been practicing with his teammates. Instead, Mr. Doss fired 5-6 shots into the air 300 feet from about 500 people.

Now I know that people make mistakes, and that life does go on. No one was killed, though it could have happened VERY easily in 2 of these cases. I know Pro Athletes think they are above the rules, and in most cases they are. These three incidents happened in the last 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS! If the government does not stop slapping these guys on the wrist and start really punishing them, things are only going to get worse. These are the role models that our kids have to look up to.

There is one thing that I would like to note. Can anyone tell me the last time someone on the Steelers was arrested? I have to give a BIG congrats and thank you to the Rooney family and everyone in the Personal Department of the Steelers. Regardless of talent, we take quality people. If we are wrong (Bam Morris) they go away. Is it a wonder why Steeler fans are so loyal?

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