Steelers Fever – This Off-Season’s Bad News Follows One Man

This Off-Season’s Bad News Follows One Man – By Mike Marino

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

This off-season has been one of the most eventful ones in the past years. While that may sound like a good thing, indeed it isn’t. The events aren’t good. Players holding out, getting into trouble with the law, and more, this off-season has been one of the busiest in years past. And most of these events all lead back to one man, sports super-agent Drew Rosenhaus.

As my colleague, Nick Signorelli, pointed out in an article earlier this week, there are more holdouts than usual this season. And all of these clients who are holding out, all belong to agent Drew Rosenhaus. Rosenhaus is one of the most criticized in his profession, between his superego or incredible work ethic, it all comes down to him being the best in the business.

In his Miami home, Rosenhaus works on his own with his brother. Ferraris, Hummers, and Cadillacs sit in the driveway as Rosenhaus talks to two clients at the same time while staring out his window at South Beach. Rosenhaus is the best in the business, but it his relentless personality and his ruthlessness that has got him there.

In many ways, Rosenhaus is living a dream. His contracts worth over half a billion dollars last year, money is not an issue for Rosenhaus. He’s also dealing with high profile sports starts each and every day, and is a household name in many places. Rosenhaus has it all, but it has been his road to the destination that has gotten him into trouble.

Rosenhaus’ accomplishments are far too many to list in this article, but let’s just leave it at he is the best in the business, there is no comparison. But Rosenhaus has his own view on contracts in the NFL, one that angers many and pleases him. He believes that since NFL teams can cut a player at any time, no matter how many years they have left on their contract if the player does not perform or if he gets injured, Rosenhaus believes that if a player does perform well, he should be paid more money, despite the remaining years in the contract. In some ways, it’s a good point, but no other agent has gone to the extremes that Rosenhaus has with his clients to enforce his viewpoint.

So many players are holding out right now, it is horrible for the NFL. Not only are the stars not playing, but a bad reputation is following those stars now, along with the NFL. I am not the only one to say that Rosenhaus is ruining the league. And while you can complain about him all you want, it still comes down to him being the best in the business.

You could write a book complaining about how he works, how he gets clients, and his ruthlessness. You could go on forever about his superego, selfishness, and ridiculous style of business, but he has over 90 NFL clients for a reason. Everyone says it eventually will catch up to him, which I also believe, but he’s been doing it for more than 10 years and he is still the best in the business. And until he falls, I will still admire him, even though I despise him.

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