Steelers Fever – Friendly Wager Between Two Fans

Friendly Wager Between Two Fans – By Nick Signorelli

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

There are certain things in this life that, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t resist. Hot chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven, the look my daughter gives me when she asks to play, and a chump Bengals fan, that thinks his team is a dynasty in the making. As a lot of you may have read in my AFC Divisional Breakdown, I was ripped pretty hard by a lot of Bengals fans. There was one, in particular, that had enough guts to actually put his money where his mouth was.

In the ratings and reviews section of the AFC Divisional Breakdown, I was challenged a wager. Stomp, my good buddy, has bet me that not only will his Bengals go 11-5, but they will win the AFC North. I know, I have a hard time writing that too. He has proposed a bet that if his Bengals, do in fact, win the AFC North, with at least a 11-5 record, then I have to write a 1,500 word, butt-smooch article on how the Bengals were a superior team than the Steelers this year.

If, however, the Bengals don’t win the division, and even if they do, and only win 10, then he will write a 1,500 word essay on how the Bengals are, always have been, and always will be the Steelers, umm… how should we say, girlfriends.

In addition to this, I have upped the bet a little. If the Bengals sweep the Steelers, I will also have to send them a picture of me in a Bengals jersey. IF/WHEN the Steelers sweep the Bengals, then Stomp, and his 3 Bengal buddies, will have to send me pictures of them in Steelers jerseys.

The good news for my buddy Stomp, after he has to write his 1,500 word “butt-smooch” article and he wants to jump on the Steelers bandwagon, at least he will already have a Steelers jersey. I suggest #7.

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