Steelers Fever – Interview With Ike Taylor

Interview With Ike Taylor – By Mike Shaffer

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

SF – What do you think of the Pittsburgh? Do you live in the city? Is it what you thought it would be?
IT – I like it. I live in the city and I like the people. It’s better than I thought.

Ike TaylorSF – What expectations do you have for yourself, for this year with the Steelers?
IT – High expectations. Just try to help the team in every way possible.

SF – Who was your favorite NFL player growing up and why?
IT – Ronnie Lott and Deion Sanders. Ronnie because he can hit and Deion pretty much changed the game of a Cornerback. He had swagger.

SF – Tell our readers a little inside information as far as initiation as a rookie. Who’s the biggest prankster in the locker room?
IT – No one – joke wise it is Jerome Bettis and Chris Hope.

SF – What is your workout regimen like?
IT – Right now it is Tuesday and Thursday full body and I use the practices as conditioning.

SF – Do you have any pregame rituals?
IT – Not at all, just eat my breakfast.

SF – Do you feel like you’re picking up on the Steelers’ complex defensive schemes?
IT – Oh yeah – no question.

SF – What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned so far being in the NFL?
IT – It’s definitely a business and that’s the approach I take. It’s a job on hand everyday.

SF – Who’s been the biggest influence on you so far in your short time with the Steelers?
IT – Jerome Bettis and Coach Cowher. Jerome because I like his approach to practice and to the games. Coach Cowher because he’s been around for awhile with one team and I respect that.

SF – Everyone knows our identity on offense is the ground game, what will our identity on defense this year be defined by?
IT – Attack style.

On behalf of Steelers Fever, I would like to thank you for your time. We’re behind you all of the way and look forward to seeing you continue your physical style of play.

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