Steelers Fever – Notes From Under The Sea

Notes From Under The Sea – By Nick Signorelli

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

It is now two times in a row that when the Steelers and Dolphins played, they didn’t need cleats, they needed flippers. Last year, in Big Bens first game, they played in a hurricane. This year, they played in a lightning storm. I don’t mind, I actually enjoyed it. I had to watch the game on Dolphins TV, which is worse than watching a high school football game. I had to listen to Bob Greesy, Nat “I can’t play any” More, and some guy I have never heard of before. The reporter on the field was one of the “Killer Bees” Kim something. I honestly didn’t remember, because all they did was take turns kissing Dan Marinos butt. I know that we had an hour and a half to kill, but after listening to these clowns for 90 minutes, I was ready to kill my TV. On to my thoughts.

Offense – Like my colleague Jason Seidling reported earlier, Free Willie. Willie Parker is the real deal. There were a lot of rumors last year that we were going to trade him, I am SO glad that we didn’t. I believe that Willie Parker is the future of our ground game. I know that we are still in preseason. and that the offense is only using a very small portion of the playbook, but come on already, we need to open up the playbook a little bit. We are not throwing the ball deep enough, if at all. When we signed Cedrik Wilson, was so we could stretch the field with speed. We are not stretching the field at all. I know, preseason. Just hard to watch. Even though Hines Ward only played on one drive, it was good to see him out there catching passes. If you scroll up on the main site, you can read that the deal is close. Call me crazy, but Tommy Maddox improved his stock by not playing Saturday. Charlie Batch is not playing like he is fully healed from his injury(s). I for one would like to see Bettis quit playing in the preseason. What does he have to prove? It isn’t like he need to learn the lines timing, he has played behind them for years.

Defense – James Harrison is a beast! All kidding aside, he needs to be a big player in the games once they start to count. How many fumbles did we cause? 97? I know the ball was wet, and that can account for one or two, but 9? And we recovered 7. That has a lot to do with attitude. Forget about the reason that the ball came out. Recovering a fumble is 50% luck, 50% skill. You are either good at recovering fumbles or you aren’t. This defense actually looks better than it did last year. I think we had addition by subtraction this off season. We got better by losing dead weight. Kendrell Bell and Chad Scott. With the exception of a long field goal, by the third stringers, we pitched a shut-out. When James Harrison returned a fumble for 66 yards, he outscored Miami by himself. Also making this the second game in a row that our D scored first. I am really having fun watching Troy Polamalu flying around the field like he is a ball magnet.

Special Teams – Ricardo Colclough, what were you thinking about when you tried to pick up that bouncing ball on that punt? It was hard enough to hold on to a wet ball when you are dry, and don’t have 4 guys hitting you at once. Lee Mays should not be returning kicks. He is just not good at it. If this was the only way you were going to make the team, you are in trouble.

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