Steelers Fever – Steelers Trick Or Treat – By Kirk Holiday

Steelers Trick Or Treat – By Kirk Holiday

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

With game time approaching Monday night for the AFC Central Division match-up pitting the Baltimore Birdies against the Black and Gold, all I could think to myself was how many points were the Steelers gonna thrash the Ravens with? 30? 40? I even advised to my uncle, with whom I was watching the game with, that the Ravens should have forfeited this game with the match-up being so lopsided. He nodded in agreement. I guess we forgot it was Halloween, and even the 2-4 Ravens could pretend to be a contending team on this night.

With Halloween you always have some tricks and some treats. The Ravens had the Steelers looking like they had just eaten an apple sabotaged with a razor blade for most of the night. In the end somehow, some way, maybe not even deservingly so, the Steelers were able to get the treat and take home the victory. Monday night’s game was definitely not a treat to watch for Steeler fans, looking more like a horror film until we were able to let out a huge sigh of relief after Jeff Reed’s game winning field goal and the following defensive stand to halt the Ray Lewisless Ravens. With that said, I thought I’d take a look at what treats the Steelers gave us Monday night along with which tricks that we had to endure.


1. Being able to see thousands of fans waving the terrible towel in honor of Myron Cope with the ABC camera’s circumventing Heinz Field made it clear for anybody watching the game that Steeler fans are no question the best fans in the NFL.

2. Terrell Suggs announcing himself as “T-Sizzles” in ABC’s pre-taped montage. Thanks Terrell, I don’t have a kid yet, but if I did I would have you to blame for him refusing to call himself anything but K-Shizzles at school when the teachers tried to call on him.

3. Hines Ward showed why he was worth every dime he received in his contract extension on the first drive. Not too many players mean more to their team than Mr. Ward.

4. Heath Miller finally giving the Steelers their own version of a Ben Coates, or Tony Gonzalez from the tight end position, giving the Steelers a 7-0 lead (he would add another TD grab late in the game to further display his importance on this team). Having Miller as a very legitimate receiving threat may be what puts this team over the top.

5. Derrick Mason, and I have seen this from other players throughout the league, decided to announce the high school he went to, rather than the college (in this case Michigan State). This had me hoping to hear the words, “Jamal Lewis, running back, Cell Block 189”. Maybe someday.

6. Quincy Morgan returns Ravens kickoff to the Bird’s own 37 yard line. Morgan is definitely looking like a more valuable player on this roster than Lee Mays ever was.

7. Roethlisberger pooch punts a ball to be downed by Cedric “not really too entertaining so far” Wilson on the one yard line.

8. Ike Taylor fumble recovery and Chris Hope interception- plays that looking back on the game may have saved the Steelers from the fate of a loss.

9. ABC shows Bill Cowher look-a-like. He’s a dead on ringer for Cowher. Someone needs to make sure this guy is at EVERY Steeler game. I don’t think anyone would object to that.

10. I realized that being a long snapper in the NFL has to be one of the greatest jobs ever. Make a couple hundred thousand dollars a year to do nothing but come in for maybe 10-15 plays a game and long snap a ball. And Yes, I do plan on taking John Madden’s advice and grooming my future son into a long snapper.


1. Kimo von Oelhoffen apparently still hasn’t mastered being able to pronounce his own name at age 34, judging from ABC’s introductions.

2. The Ravens seemed to be able to drive down the field at their own leisure. It almost seemed like the Steelers were in the prevent defense the entire game, which as my uncle always says, “prevents defense”.

3. Big Ben was making ill-advised decisions, and seemed off for most of the night, throwing into double coverage and not throwing the ball away, instead taking sacks for losses.

4. ABC’s meek attempt at comedy, having the grim reaper come into the booth. If they actually wanted to make us laugh or be scared, why not have an enraged Dennis Miller fight his way into the booth or have the ghost of Howard Cosell attack John Madden. (Now THAT would’ve been funny).

5. Sean Morey jumping into the neutral zone on a Baltimore punt. This was inexplicably dumb and uncharacteristic of special teams ace Morey.

6. The Steelers continued to try to find ways to lose the game with the Thomas interception with 9:11 left in the second quarter for Baltimore and later the Colclough fumble at the Steelers own 29 yard line.

7. Throughout the game the Steelers defense had tremendous trouble getting to the quarterback (they ended up registering two sacks). Give Baltimore’s offensive line ,which was struggling coming into the game, some credit for this one.

8. Steelers have 12 men on the field early in the 4th quarter. Another inexplicably dumb occurrence, that you just can’t have happen, especially in a home game where your crowd shouldn’t be hindering your own ability to hear and call players off the field.

9. Sean Morey, adding to probably the worst game of his career, steps in front of the Steelers longsnapper and for some reason the ball is snapped off Morey’s leg. No idea what happened there.

10. The Steelers secondary did not look strong and would have definitely caused the Steelers a loss against any decent quarterback in the league. Fortunately for the Steelers, they were playing Baltimore who apparently are not allowed to pursue or draft good quarterbacks judging from team history.

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