Steelers Fever – Interview With Heather Lutz

Interview With Heather Lutz – By Neal Coolong

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

Celebrities of teams are always fun to see. Fans, Version 2.0. Obviously you’ve got Jack Nicholson at the Staples Center watching the Lakers. Spike Lee in Madison Square Garden watching the Knicks. Ashley Judd watching the Kentucky men’s hoops team.

Heather LutzThe Steelers might just have found one of their own.

A celebrity with her star on the rise, anyway.

Steelers fan Heather Lutz was born on a farm near Reading, Pennsylvania, and has rooted for the Black and Gold all her life.

Rings true for most Steelers fans, maybe minus the farm. But the connection to the team is the easy part. Lutz found herself featured in the June 2006 issue of Playboy Magazine as one of the Girls of MySpace.

She mentioned her love for animals, a desire to travel, and, of course, a passion for the Steelers.

The beautiful and charming 27-year-old looks to capitalize off the fame found in the social gathering database, and continue rooting for the Steelers.

Steelers Fever columnist Neal Coolong exchanged emails with the brunette bombshell (she invites readers to check out her site at http://www.myspace.com/heathbargirl),
and got her take on the Super Bowl, Chocoholism and, of course, Ben’s Accident.

SF – Ok, well, you’re from Reading, Pennsylvania, so the ties to the Steelers makes a lot of sense. Like myself, you were also very young the last time the Steelers won a Super Bowl (January 20, 1980). Were you going crazy, or would you describe yourself more as a casual fan?

HL – No, I was doing cartwheels down the street in my friend’s neighborhood. No lie. I was pretty stoked!

SF – Nice! I would more than likely rupture my spleen if I attempted a cartwheel, so I’m glad I didn’t.

Since I am a person who really could make neither my look, I gotta ask: What’s hotter? Ben’s playoff beard or Troy’s hair?

HL – Ben is the hottest … always, so gonna have to go with Ben’s playoff beard 🙂

SF – It was kind of a nasty beard, though, wasn’t it? All uneven and splotchy … (I think that’s a word)

Obviously sex sells in the NFL. With the whole orchestration of the pre-game shows before the season opener and the Super Bowl, the two worlds have blended together over the last 10 years or so.

The Steelers don’t really seem to buy into that much. The best example of this is the fact they don’t have, and never will have, cheerleaders. How do you feel about that?

HL – As far as Ben’s patchy beard, it’s our imperfections that make us beautiful. 😉

Well obviously NOT having cheerleaders has not deterred the fan frenzy or commitment or interest. So I don’t think it’s negative in any way. I don’t see anything necessarily wrong with cheerleaders however, they do tend to detract attention from the game. So maybe that IS why Steelers fans are so involved and committed to every play!

SF – Good point. So I can now take pride in being gangly with a strong Irish-white complexion. You’ve made my day.

Speaking of commitment … your MySpace page says you are a work-out junkie. Football players have to go through a rigorous training regimen to maintain a level of ability worthy of the NFL. In your words, how do you compare that type of dedication to health and fitness to modeling? Do you eat anything other than lettuce? Drink anything other than Michelob Ultra when out at the clubs?

HL – I do not have a diet I adhere to. Just try to watch what I eat. And I was born/raised in a “meat and potatoes” type of town, so that doesn’t help. Ha. Plus to top it all off, I’m a chocoholic! I have at least one piece of chocolate a day and I probably eat ice cream every other day. Now you know why I HAVE to go to they gym almost everyday. I like to stay in shape and look good, not so much for what I do, but just because I like to look nice. NFL players are getting paid millions to stay in shape, and trust me, if I had their paycheck I’d be a powerhouse!

SF – Ok, so put a dollar amount on it. How much would it take for you to give up chocolate for one full year?

HL – Hell, I’d take what I can get, lol, so hmmm, a whole year – 3k?

SF – Three grand? That’s it? I don’t even eat chocolate very often, but it would take at least a cool 25k to get me to do that.

Your MySpace page says you are planning on moving to California sometime this summer. What’s in store for you there?

HL – I plan on moving to California simply to live and work. I have a lot of friends there and I LOVE the weather. Other than that, we’ll see what happens. 😉

SF – Do you have a Steelers jersey? If you do, what would the odds be of you wearing one for a picture on MySpace?

HL – No, I do not own a Steelers jersey! 🙁 I know, I know, it’s awful of me. I need to get one! Someone send me a good one!

SF – I’m sure we could get someone to send you a jersey. In fact, I will, I’ll just get Mike the Steelers Fever editor to buy you one. Right Mike?

I’m sure you heard about Ben (The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported he was involved in a motorcycle accident in Pittsburgh Monday morning). It ruined my day. The main thing is, although a helmet obviously wouldn’t have prevented the accident, it would have probably left him a bit less banged up than the reports are indicating.

Last year, the story in the off-season was how Ben didn’t want to wear a helmet when riding his motorcycle. How do you feel about all of this?

HL – I mean, to each his own, but c’mon, why wouldn’t you value your skull? I mean, it does house your BRAIN! So maybe it’s best to protect it? Just a thought … 😉

SF – Yeah, I agree. Too bad our quarterback didn’t agree.

Talk about your immediate future with the move and everything. What do you hope to be doing in the next year or two? Whatever you do, could you do me one favor? Don’t appear in a Cingular Wireless commercial. I really hate those.

HL – Just plan on moving and probably working either in the sales or human resources field. I am currently working on a certain “project” but due to legalities I’m not allowed to speak about it yet.

SF – Oh, well, then I won’t ask. I respect legalities …

If you do get into HR or a similar field, don’t be one of those crotchety old drone HR people. I had to submit all my 401k stuff to ours, and she’s in such a bad mood all the time, it feels like I am doing something wrong every time I fill out a form. Not a big fan of hers.

You’re a self-proclaimed country girl, which is cool. I went to a small-town type of college, and my country friends made fun of me for years for not knowing what a quonset is. Are you a country music fan? The team decided to name the PovertyNeck Hillbillies – a country band from Western Pennsylvania – the official band of the team in 2006. I’m not liking this. You?

HL – I like country music. But I have no idea why a team would use such a small time band to represent them.

SF – What band would you say best represents the Steelers right now?

HL – I’m always partial to rock bands for sports teams. Especially oldies but goodies. How bout AC/DC?

SF – Works for me, I’m an AC/DC guy (you’ll notice I’m sparing you a slew of cheesy “Ben’s a headbanger” jokes).

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to your next project (the one, of which, you cannot speak). You’ve been great, thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

HL – No problem, thank you for listening to me ramble.

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