Steelers Fever – The Kansas City Hurricanes

The Kansas City Hurricanes – By Neal Coolong

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

My dad hates the state of Florida. The length alone of his tirade on the educational system down there will prove he’s my father. But he really gets fired up talking about the sports in Florida.

No offense to Steelers fans down there — I know I found some great ones in Jacksonville — but he’s really just not a fan.

Bobby Bowden over Joe Paterno? Oh, he’ll lit you up for that comment.

Dan Marino to the Dolphins? I wasn’t even alive, but I could hear his screams.

But it’s amazing how close the Steelers/Chiefs game resembled the Pride of Florida, the Miami Hurricanes, this past weekend.

No, really. They did.

Pittsburgh was ticked off, so they went out and beat the barbecue sauce out of Kansas City. The Hurricanes kicked an extra point, therefore, got angry and waged war on the gladiators of Florida International.

The Chiefs lost QB Trent Green earlier this season after suffering a severe concussion, and the Steelers stomped on them while they were down with a 45-7 win. Similarly, Hurricanes’ safety Brandon Merriweather stomped on a FIU player as he was lying on the ground, adding possible severe injury to an already insulting Miami program.

Chiefs RB Larry Johnson legally pulled down Steelers SS Troy Polamalu after an interception, and Hurricanes’ safety Anthony Reddick smacked an FIU player in the back of the head with his helmet, basically showing that Hurricanes are cowards, while LJ is a hair-pulling sissy.

Chiefs coach Herm Edwards placed blame on his players after he was clearly unprepared for a grudge match with the defending champions. Hurricanes coach Larry Coker said he is in control of his program. So both are clearly not watching the same games we are all watching.

My friend Buzzy, a huge Chiefs fan, said he won’t watch another Kansas City game for the rest of the year. Many in the media are saying the Hurricanes shouldn’t play another game this season — or even several seasons.

(SIDENOTE: FIU suspended 18 players for one game each. They are idle next week. Miami suspended 11 players for one game each, and take on Duke next week, which is the same thing as being idle.

Hopefully, the Blue Devils will take the advice of Comcast’s thuggish, ghetto-trash radio broadcaster who broke out street-slang, threatening FIU to challenge Miami in a fight in the stadium tunnel. In typical Miami football-style, he made a horrific situation 100 times worse. And unlike most Miami graduates, he still has a job. God bless America.)

The Chiefs, surprisingly, only have two players (QB Casey Printers, Florida A&M, and LB Kawika Mitchell, South Florida) from the state of Florida on their roster, while the Hurricanes have too many.

None of the four teams saw former Steelers linebacker Kendrell Bell do anything at all to justify the $10 million guaranteed the Chiefs gave him.

This could go on all day. But we would be forgetting to mention QB Ben Roethlisberger’s near-return to Perfect Rating Land (153.8) or the dominant effort of Pittsburgh’s offensive line (457 yards, 219 on the ground).

It just goes to show which kind of beat-down gets more publicity. I know my dad would agree.

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