Steelers Fever – Steelers Vs. Vikings Mini Blog-A-Thon

Steelers Vs. Vikings Mini Blog-A-Thon

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

Sunday, October 25, 2009
By Jennifer A. Morrell
Steelers Fever Columnist

Since the Steelers game is televised today, I am skipping the local watering hole and going straight for the recliner ($30 bucks I get to keep). But that means I won’t get to enjoy semi-friendly banter with other teams’ fans, or share fist-bumps and high-fives with fellow Steelers faithfuls.

Brett FarveAlthough I love Sunday afternoons at the sports bar. The energy is palpable as the building fills with fans from all parts of the country who show up to rally their teams by yelling at the flat screens. If your team colors match the guy at the table next to you, it’s instant friendship. What a lovely foundation for such camaraderie. And, there’s not a better feeling than returning from the restroom only to find an ice-cold Iron City beer waiting on me, compliments of another jersey-wearing, Black-and-Gold Yinzer from across the room.

But, hell, in this economy, you gotta make tough choices. So, hamburgers on the grill it is!

To be sure, I find my thoughts and feelings during Steelers game to be quite beneficial to those within earshot. I usually feel certain that my assessments are clarifying the game for everyone else. But today, I won’t be able to enlighten others with my gridiron prowess.

So, I thought I’d sort of blog my way through this game, adding my colorful observations, angry rants and random game-time commentary. Are the Vikings for real? Or have they just been lucky? Favre hasn’t played in Pittsburgh in 11 years in Three Rivers Stadium. The Steelers need this win. No, the Steelers REQUIRE this win. I can’t wait! Are you ready?

1st Quarter

The game is just now underway, and right off the bat, Big Ben is sacked. Then, Holmes misses a pass that he should have caught. Is it “here we go again?”

Crap. Vikings fumbled, we recovered and ran it in, it didn’t count.

Favre sacked. Sweet. Okay, 6 minutes into the game, and I am feeling pretty good.

Favre sacked again. Thanks Harrison: Even though you are an “alleged” woman-beater, which is despicable, you are handy when it comes to sacking QBs.

Wallace gets the first down, and I am more and more convinced that this guy is the real thing.

OMG. We scored a TD, and we get a pass interference call. What? Remaining calm. No cursing in front of the baby! Is the ref wearing a Favre jersey under that striped uniform? What the hell?

Reed kicks a FG…and it’s good. Fwew! 3 pts. on the board. Terrible Towels wave wildly!!

2nd Quarter

Vikings punt. Our defense is looking pretty good today. The Steel Curtain seems to be rearing its handsome head.

Heath Miller: always reliable. Love that guy!

The Flyin’ Hawaiian comes through. It is SO NICE having him back! He is a game changer for sure.

As I watch Favre, I wonder how it feels to lead a team that is the biggest rival to the team that made you a star, basically lifting your leg and taking a piss on Green Bay. Thought interrupted! Damn! Can’t we stop Adrian Peterson? Tackle his ass!!

Ok, D. Time to do what you do. Don’t let them into the end zone. Oh – ok, Bearded Cap calls a timeout for the Vikings. I need a Valium. And I should probably grab a defibrillator.

CRAP! Peterson scores a TD. I am physically ill. I dread looking at my Facebook page if we lose this game. I can handle Vikings fans, but the Favre fans irritate me! Extra point kick is good.

Vikings are all over Mendenhall. They know they’d better get after him if they have any prayer of stopping him. He has been quite pleasing. He has learned lessons this season, I do believe.

We should be sacking Favre left and right. What the hell?? And HELLO, can we please keep Peterson in check?? No throwing things in the house, and no cursing in front of the baby.

That Shiancoe sure is jawing a lot. I think I will call him Shankapotomus from now on. I have a feeling I will refer to him again in this Mini Blog-a-thon.

Pass complete to Wallace! Woot! Woot! Oh YEAH Wallace scores! Nice flip in the end zone! And, the most perfect extra point kick I believe I’ve ever seen. BAM!

3rd Quarter

During the halftime break, I took a few minutes to reflect on how ridiculous today’s game in London is. First of all, Tampa Bay is flying thousands of miles for an old-fashioned beat down. I understand that the NFL is, at its core, a business (read: money-making machine). But I am just not into tailgating complete with tea and crumpets. They aren’t allowed to have our NFL games in their city, damn it! WEAK! And the NFL wants a British team? What the HELL??

Ok…Here We Go Steelers! Logan with a decent return. Between Mendenhall and Wallace, we might get this done.

Ha. Max Starks pushes Asher Allen (one of my former DAWG players) out of his way. Oh WOOT – Big Ben gets the 1st down, but idiot Benny Sapp drills him late, out of bounds. Cheap shot.

I am getting nervous. Looks like Big Ben is trying to screw up this scoring opportunity. AND he does. Oh well. We’ll take the FG. After all, we’ve been reminded recently not to take any FGs for granted! Another 3 pts. on the board. 13-7 Steelers.

Nice. Woodley gets a late shove in on Favre. Just a little reminder, Wrangler Boy…

NO GAIN thanks to the Steel Curtain. Favre throws, intended receiver: the goalpost. Nice!!

FG Vikings. 13-10 Steelers.

Yawn. 17-yard gain for Mendenhall, but he’s unable to hang on to the next pass. Let’s move this drive along…

4th Quarter

Holmes snags it, avoids six tackles! Oh CRAP Mendenhall. What the HELL?? Fumble on the 5-yard line? Are you kidding me? No cursing, no throwing things. Deep breaths. This blows.

Shankapotomus makes the catch. We really have to stop this drive. We are going to blow it in the 4th quarter AGAIN. Crap.

Long throw to Harvin is missed. Swing and a miss, Favre!

Oh great. Timmons is hurt. It’s been bad enough without Aaron Smith. Noooo!

Ooh. Favre is limping a little. Illegal shift on the Vikings, repeat 3rd down. False start, Vikings. Must stop this drive. Oh – Bearded Cap challenges and wins. This blows.

Holy LORD!!!! Favre fumbles, we recover for a TOUCHDOWN. Word up, Woodley! That totally, totally rocks! WOOT!

Damn! Harvin runs it back for a TD. THIS BLOWS!

OH HOW FREAKING SWEET!!!! Touchdown Steelers! What a game. I am too young to have a heart attack! This does NOT blow!! This rocks!! 27-17 Steelers!

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