Steelers Fever – Gotham City: Steelers Nation welcomes you.

Gotham City: Steelers Nation welcomes you.

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

Wednesday, September 14th, 2012
By Stainless Still
Steelers Fever Columnist


It’s been a long time coming, Steelers Nation. It’s that time to load the grill, pack the Iron City and set the alarm for the early wake-up call. The home opener has arrived in the Steel City. At nightfall, I expect the city to be a’buzzin, smelling like a true tailgating experience with a little (but significant) “Here We Go Steelers” chant exiting the Coca Cola Great Hall Sunday night after the THRASHING of the visiting New York Football Jets.

That sure would be a magnificent sound flowing through the gritty Pittsburgh nightfall with the glistening lights reflecting off the City of Bridges. Even the respects of summer victory could echo throughout PNC Park’s parking lot as our very own Battlin’ Buccos have showed signs of life in 2012.

What a city, that Pittsburgh.

That resonate feeling has been away from our hearts for a very, very long time. I could smell the mold and cobwebs stemming from the humid and deteriorating grounds underneath the not-so-popular Heinz Field sod.

Sure, week 1 of the 2012 season is in the books (a 31-19 opening night loss to the Denver Broncos in Mile High) but there is just something that has been missing since December 24th, 2011. To my estimation (on September 16th, 2012) that’s 267 days ago.

Two hundred and sixty seven days since the Pittsburgh Steelers last played a home game in front of their rabid, Terrible Towel whipping fan-base. Two hundred and sixty seven days since ‘Renegade’ blasted through the loud speakers, giving the home-crowd something to go frantic about.

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The Steelers took care of the St.Louis Rams with backup QB Charlie Batch on that cold, Christmas Eve afternoon, only to see their hero’s go down with injury that next week at Cleveland and then lose to the Denver Tebow’s in embarrassing fashion in the AFC Wild Card matchup, in Denver, the week after.

Starting the 2012 season, they picked up right where they left off…. with yet, another loss to the Denver Broncos in Denver, this time, to the returning quarterback that hasn’t taken a snap under center for almost 2 years, Peyton Manning. So much for revenge.

Enter Gotham City.

Congratulations, Rex Ryan. You just drew one of the angriest fan-base’s in the NFL who hasn’t seen their team win a football game in quite some time. There won’t be any timid red, white and blue colors on the opposite side of this field.

There won’t be 40+ points being shoved onto the score-board at will like life depended on it. What you will see, New York, is a Black and Gold infested stadium ready to make your life a living hell come Sunday, September 16th, 4:25 Eastern Time.

This Pittsburgh Steelers football team has a ton to prove, and the reek of absolute mayhem and pain will be evident inside the home-stands.

Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and Rex Ryan already have it set in their mind that their plan is to collapse Heinz Field’s architecture from its roots with their 40+ point offensive detonator shown in week 1 versus Buffalo.

Their roles will be played as if they are the main villain of Gotham City in a Batman movie. Mark Sanchez as the Scarecrow. Tim Tebow as the Joker. Rex Ryan as Bane. New York fits that criteria. Little do they know, they are entering a bee-hive just waiting to erupt. They are entering a City of Champions playing their own chance at spoiler and redemption.
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All of a sudden, it doesn’t smell like mold and cobwebs around here anymore. It smells like yet, another crack at REVENGE. Revenge that will inevitably, taste like victory.

Pittsburgh, RISE!


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