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Want a Cookie?

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

Wednesday, September 18th, 2012
By Tiger Rowan
Steelers Fever Columnist

As illogical as it sounds, there is such a thing as a good penalty. Do not get me wrong… penalties usually suck, but allow me to explain the difference between a bad call, a bad penalty, and a good penalty. Ike Taylor being called for pass interference, when he never laid a hand on Santonio Holmes is quintessentially a bad call. Willie “The” Colon standing up before the snap of the ball (in Denver), drawing a false start, is a bad penalty. And, Lawrence Timmons laying the wood on Mark Sanchez, in turn, drawing a flag, was a good penalty.

For those out there who still do not get the difference… well, here is a quick way to check a person’s football IQ. Ask someone: “Was Timmons’s getting flagged for a personal foul penalty a good thing or a bad thing?” If they reply that it is a good thing, then you can carry on your conversation with this knowledgeable chap; if they reply that it is a bad thing, then they might not understand the concept of delayed gratification.

Delayed gratification is an idea used to describe the maturation process of young children. This theory can best be exemplified by asking a child a simple question, such as, “Would you like one cookie now?… or, two cookies in ten minutes?” A child who does not yet understand the concept of delayed gratification will quickly reply, “One NOW!!!” To a child, “waiting” for a bigger reward, when there is a smaller reward to be had “sooner”, is deemed asinine in their eyes. And, likewise, anyone who does not understand that when Timmons knocked the snot out of Mark Sanchez, that Timmons had essentially won the game for the Steelers… well, that person probably wants to “Win NOW!!!”

Think about it this way. Before Timmons decleated Sanchez, the NYJets quarterback had driven his team down for two scores, and was very efficient (4 of 5). After that play, Sanchez was horrid (6 for 22).

Sure, the NYJets got an extra 15 yards, via Timmons’s penalty. But, the end result was that for the rest of the game, Sanchez looked timid. In other words, and I know that this is going to sound cliché, but it is apt: Lawrence Timmons lost the battle (15 yard penalty), but won the war (Sanchez was gun-shy for the remainder of the game).

Now, whether or not Timmons should be fined is a whole other debate (Sanchez ducked his head; Timmons has no history of “foul play”). If you want to discuss that topic further, email me, and we can sit down & discuss it over a jar full of cookies… or, well, maybe two jars.

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