Steelers Fever – The Lost Art: Road Warriors

The Lost Art: Road Warriors

Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial

Wednesday, October 16th, 2012
By Travis Boariu
Steelers Fever Columnist

Believe it or not, there was a time long, long ago (in a Galaxy far, far away) when the Steelers wore their classic white-away jersey’s in enemy territory and seemingly instilled fear into the opposing home team. It got to the point to where when you watched an episode of NFL FILMS counting down the days to the Super Bowl, you could almost always guarantee to see Steelers highlights with them representing Steelers Nation in their white-away jersey’s. That became the norm in the later half of our dominating decade as a football team.

We welcomed it. We took pride into going on the road, seeing the Terrible Towels in the stands, draw a line in the sand and DARE the home team to act as if they had the home-field advantage. They were Road Warrior’s.

Now? Their ROADKILL.

Starting last season with that eerie Monday Night game at San Francisco with Roethlisberger’s ankle hanging by a piece of skin (and a postponed Nationally Televised game due to the 49’ers ancient lighting system) the Steelers away-from-home outing stands at an alarming 1-5 record over the last 6 games dating back to 2011.

The defeats are as follows:

Week 15- December 19th, 2011: Steelers 3 at 49’ers 20
AFC WILDCARD- January 8th, 2012: Steelers 23 at Broncos 29 O.T
Week 1- September 9th, 2012: Steelers 19 at Broncos 31
Week 3- September 23rd, 2012: Steelers 31 at Raiders 34
Week 6- October 11th, 2012: Steelers 23 at Titans 26
*(Note: The only victory on the road in that time-span came against the lowly Cleveland Browns, 13-9, in Week 17 of the 2011 season. However, one could argue that as a devestating loss morally as we witnessed RB Rashard Mendenhall blowing out his ACL untouched, putting the Steelers season in jeopardy and behind the 8-ball even further.)

Next up? A surging young football team of the Cincinnati Bengals that look poised to erase their recent drowning of their own misery and take care of a struggling Steelers team in the “Jungle” ending our season for good.

There’s nothing the Bengals would like more than to have a chance of dethroning us as the second best team in the division and almost guarantee to end our championship aspirations (just like we did to them in week 17 of the 2009 season).

If the Steelers have ANY HOPE whatsoever of turning this sinking ship around (1-3 in the AFC Conference; 0-3 on the road) then Coach Mike Tomlin and crew MUST wipe the dry-erase board clean and get through to his players that a new season starts now.

0 wins, 0 loss’s.

Intentions and the mental aspect of moving forward involves the focus of sweeping the division and that mindset will be taking into reality as soon as next Sunday in Cincinnati. We have no choice. We have no tomorrow. We have no room for error. OUR SEASON STARTS NEXT WEEK or it ENDS NEXT WEEK. The not-so-kind feeling of a MUST-WIN football game.

It’s evident we must reverse back time and morph into the team that was once a road warrior. A road warrior that challenged teams to stand across from them if they ever-so dared to do so.

Road warrior or road-kill, Pittsburgh? You decide.


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